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Manufacture of French antique furniture.
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furniture production since 1999

“…Nobility binds, gentlemen!” This phrase was once uttered by the Duc de Levy, but it remains true today. For people knowledge and choice of style, including in furniture, becomes simply a necessary element of general culture and secularism.

One of the most fashionable styles in Europe today is vintage style. Furniture made using original reproduction techniques vintage models using the latest methods of “aging” are considered to be vintage. Copies of antique French furniture of the styles of Kings Louis XIV, Louis XV (Regency), Louis XVI, Directory, etc., are reproduced both exactly, The styles are reproduced exactly as they were originally designed, and can be adapted to fit the requirements of modern interiors or the current fashion trends of mixing and matching. The trend of today’s fashion towards a mixture of styles.

The Yves Fouquet factory is unique in Ukraine. Reproduction of vintage models furniture as works of art is the common work of its craftsmen, by Yves Fouquet, a talented descendant of the world-famous generation of French Fouquet’s generation of French cabinetmakers, the talented descendant of the world-famous Fouquet generation of French cabinetmakers, passed on a valuable skill.

All products made at the factory are made from 100% natural cherry wood, without the use of plywood or veneer. For The top protective layer of the furniture coating is gummilac (lacquer). of natural fossil resin manufactures). The finished furniture is covered The fittings are made of bronze or brass and are decorated with natural wax, supplied from France. As connecting elements use wooden nails. All carved elements – handmade. In the process of making furniture, in order to achieve the necessary quality, The main focus is on highly professional hand finishing.

The use of natural, eco-friendly materials and the secrets of the final processing of the products allow us to preserve the feeling of living matter, the depth and warmth of natural wood. Smooth as silk trim gives away love to their work of craftsmen, their reverent attitude to every detail.

This is what makes it possible to perceive each model as a work of art.

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