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Coffee table

W1430 x H450 x D1430

Table Jigon TG031

Width: 700 (unfolded 1400) Height: 550 Depth: 500

Coffee table Crapo TB069

Width: 1200 Height: 360 Depth: 1200

Coffee table Pied tourne TB066

Dimensions: W800 x H350 x D1200 Color: Grey, Natural Patina

Coffee table Pied tourne TB066S

Dimensions: Option 1(S): W1100 x H350 x D700 Option 2(L): W1500 x H350 x D1000  

Coffee table Regence TB062

Width: 1300 Height: 410 Depth: 700

Coffee table TB065

Width: 1100 Height: 800 Depth: 1450

Coffee table TB066L

Dimensions: Option 1(S): W1100 x H350 x D700 Option 2(L): W1500 x H350 x D1000  

Coffee table TB067

Width: 980 Height: 380 Depth: 980

Coffee table TB068

Width: 1100 Height: 380 Depth: 600 &nbsp

Coffee table TB071

Width: 1400 Height: 410 Depth: 920 &nbsp

Coffee table TB073

Width: 1300 Height: 400 Depth: 1300

Coffee table TB074

Width: 1200 Height: 410 Depth: 1200

Louis XV coffee table TB070

Dimensions: W1180 x H370 x D1180 Color: Natural Patina, Gold

Coffee tables as a work of art in a modern interior
Coffee tables in the unsurpassed style of the heritage of France stand out more than ever among any furniture and interior items. They occupy a special place in the improvement of free space, playing an important role in creating comfort and coziness in the house. Such an element of furniture amazes with originality and functionality, being especially indispensable in the bedroom or in the living room. On it you can place work papers or a book, put a glass of wine in front of the fireplace or a cup of fragrant coffee, as well as other decor items.
Small and compact drawers, retractable planks, folding models and non-standard color solutions, such a variety of designs emphasizes the amazing style of the past eras of France. Coffee tables are furniture that is designed to complement the interior of any home, bring comfort and inspiration. The team of professional and experienced craftsmen involved in the manufacture of models pays special attention to every detail, putting the soul and warmth of manual labor.

The production process of coffee tables is handmade and the use of ancient French technologies. It includes several stages, during which 100% solid wood of wild cherry and beech is used. Thanks to the application of a special protective layer made exclusively of gummillac (natural resin), such a product has no equal! It will not lose its practicality and uniqueness, even with the appearance of small defects. The final stage of processing the finished furniture is a coating with natural wax. This allows the masters to create beautiful curves of the facades, to give the appearance a slight note of antique.
Coffee tables made of natural wood will not lose their value, remaining always in the spotlight. Such products fascinate with their unsurpassed elegance and restraint, attracting the eyes of connoisseurs of conciseness, strict lines and sophistication. They will last for many years, being inherited as true value.

Yves Fouquet Manufacture is not just the production of furniture, but the creation of unique models filled with sophisticated style. Behind the beautiful forms, pomposity or grace of furniture hides painstaking work and a complex creative process.
The Ukrainian-French project of Yves Fouquet is a team of highly qualified designers and skilled craftsmen who manufacture furniture for the individual preferences and requirements of each client. Inspired by French traditions, the factory of Yves Fouquet has been presenting the world with a modern sound of classics for more than 20 years.

The presented coffee tables are available in several colors. However, every buyer who turns to Yves Fouquet will be able to plunge into the aesthetics of individual design, choosing the necessary color and accessories (brass or bronze). By adding modern guides and lighting, handmade drawings, fabrics made of environmentally friendly materials or genuine leather, you can realize long-standing dreams of exclusive furniture that emphasizes your own style and taste. All models are made individually, all the wishes of the buyer are taken into account. A warranty from the manufacturer is provided.
Coffee tables are furniture with a soul, fascinates at first sight and forever remains in the heart of everyone who ever touches it. French furniture from the company Yves Fouquet – products that fascinate with their beauty, warmth and magic!