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Cabinet chest of drawers MM201

Width: 730 Height: 1450 Depth: 425

Cabinet chest of drawers MM202

Width: 1080 Height: 930 Depth: 450

Chest of drawers dos d’ane Louis XVi ew363

Dimensions: W920 x H1110 x D500 Description: Hinged cover with writing surface with leather insert 6 retractable drawers internal 1 inner back drawer 5 drawers

Dos d’ane Louis XV EW220

Dimensions: W900 x H1030 x D500 Description: Hinged lid with writing surface, 1 inner shelf and 1 drawer

As far back as the 18th century, young, frisky French women wrote intriguing letters to their lovers on the smooth lid of a secretaire, diligently drawing out fervent lines in thick ink, and then impatiently waiting for a reply from other cities, and sometimes even countries. And each time they received the coveted envelope of thick yellowish paper with black lines under the most beautiful name, the girls pressed it to their chests, imagining the image of their beloved, breathing in the smell of wood with barely perceptible notes of sea waves. And then invariably put the letter in a secret drawer of the dresser, anticipating a sweet immersion in romantic dreams and exciting news before going to bed.

For a long time, the secretary was considered an exclusively feminine piece of furniture, storing heartfelt lines in letters to loved ones, important documents, memorabilia or family jewels. However, wooden chests of drawers proved to be so practical and versatile that they soon became widespread in Europe, and later in the CIS countries, rightly earning respect among the nobility and business people who revere minimalism and convenience. By the way, Napoleon Bonaparte had his own unique travel secretary, which allowed him not to break away from the solution of public issues, even on long journeys, and the complex mechanisms and locks allowed to securely store business papers. Craftsmen and watchmakers who worked on virtue and quality were highly valued and revered by high social classes. Later, “narrow-focused” secretaries began to appear: medical and cosmetic, decorative and educational, chests of drawers, bureau consoles.

The main value of the secretary is versatility and practicality. It fits harmoniously in small offices, hotel rooms or studio apartments. The hinged lid often serves as a convenient writing surface, and the recesses can hold art or writing supplies that come to hand in moments of inspiration.

An indispensable secretary in personal libraries. After all, sometimes you want, without leaving the atmosphere of age-old wisdom, to plunge immediately into the muted light of ideas and reflections, making notes with a fountain pen in your favorite leather notebook.

As a rule, secretaries are chosen for the classic style of the interior. However, antique furniture often fits well in modern rooms, adding mystery and quiet sophistication to the rhythmic daring high-tech or, conversely, bringing to life an overly standard classic.

The secretary is the ancestor of more modern varieties of keepers-transformers: refined bureaus and compact chests of drawers. In the catalog of Yves Fouquet production you will find wooden secretaries of different styles: from elegant baroque to contrasting Empire. The variety of colors and finishing elements allows you to easily find French furniture that will fit perfectly into your interior. In addition, all the furniture Yves Fouquet is handmade by experienced craftsmen from solid wood, so our customers have the opportunity to make changes and wishes in the design and layout of the components.