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French Furniture
made in ukraine

The best works of past generations, embodied in modern interiors, the warmth and comfort of natural wood, and the value of handmade

Writing Desk-Yves Fouquet
Keeping the tradition alive



Manufacture Yves Fouquet –  Ukrainian-French project, a small production, which has more than 20 years, creates unique antique furniture in the styles of the French royal eras. All furniture is filled with the warmth and comfort of handmade, it lives forever and is inherited as a real value. The best assets of past generations in France we reproduce for you today. 

  • 100% solid wild cherry and beech wood
  • Antique French production technology and handmade
  • Unique finish and decorative aging
  • French bronze and brass fittings
  • Warranty from the manufacturer


"The notion of style corresponds to a set of characteristics which, over a period of time, show themselves in the constancy of forms, decorative elements, in color, in the features of composition: there comes a moment when the interior decoration and, in particular, the furniture itself is so organic connection that it is simply impossible to correlate them with another era". Pierre Verlé

designer chest of drawers in the style of Louis 15 premium furniture to order

Louis XV

The furniture is in tune with the era of Antiquity and decorated with a wealth of decorative elements: carvings, mosaics, bronze fittings and gilding.

wooden chest of drawers classic in Ukraine to order


Pomposity isreplaced by grace and elegance. Bending is becoming a dominant feature and technique in furniture art.

antique wooden chest of drawers with carved pattern to order

Louis XV

The elegance of the beautiful shapes and The predominance of curved lines. gallant and refined style with no aspiration for grandeur.



An excess of neo-classicism and a return to antique techniques. This style is characterized by strict lines and avoids excesses.


Louis XVI

A style that is meant to give carefree and easy living, frivolous and seductive, it returns closer to simplicity and nature.

designer furniture made of natural wood in the Empire style


A stately style of furniture, with antique-era references. Strict symmetry combined with massive ornamentation.

When every detail is invested with the soul of the master and the warmth of his handiwork, when perfection is not perfect. There is a lot of hard work and creative process behind such furniture, but we don’t doubt for a second that the game is worth the candle. Once you touch the warm and lively surface of our furniture, you will always leave it in your heart!

Appreciate the aesthetics of real French furniture and immerse yourself in the process of creating beauty with us!

Co-founder and head of Yves Fouquet – Tatiana Garmasy

Tradition and modernity

Modern sounding classics

All products can be made in a variety of colors of your choice, decorated with hand-painted ornaments individually for you in a single copy

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The Backstage Magic of Production

Furniture according to your personal preferences

Due to the flexibility of our production each customer has the opportunity to make an individual order. This means you can choose the color and finish you want, or change the standard dimensions of any product specifically for your interior. As a result, you get exclusive furniture that will emphasize your style and taste. Our designers will give you the help and support you need.

  • choosing the right size, arrival of our masters for measurements
  • Discussion with the designer about the details of the design and the creation of a sketch
  • Selecting colors or color combinations and finishes
  • the ability to decorate furniture with a handmade pattern, natural leather, fabric or additional carvings


It is impossible to convey all the beauty, warmth and magic of our furniture through a screen, only by touching the beauty can you feel the value of such furniture.
That's why we invite you to visit our showroom and see the quality and uniqueness of our products.
The showroom presents finished products with a unique design, color and author's pattern. Also, you can buy the furniture you like right on the spot.
Check out the collection in stock and hurry to see the furniture live.
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