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Console Bar CSB001

Dimensions:1500 x 1100 x 480 Description: double-sided, 3 doors, shelf for groceries, 4 shelves for wine, 2 drawers

Buffet Directoire BF530

Dimensions: W1950 x H970 x D520 Description: 2 doors and 4 drawers Available: Without painting, you can choose the color

Buffet Louis XVBF527

Dimensions: W1930 x H780 x D480 Description: 4 doors, 2 height-adjustable shelves, 4 drawers

Buffet BF503

Dimensions: W1900 x H900 x D570 Description: 4 doors, 4 height-adjustable shelves, 2 wide drawers and 2 narrow retractable

Buffet Cintre BF519

Dimensions: W1430 x H850 x D470 Description: 2 doors, 1 drawer and 2 height adjustable shelves

Buffet De grand-mere BF521

Dimensions: W1400 x H1040 x D530 Description: 2 doors, 2 height-adjustable shelves, 3 drawers

Buffet Directoire BF523

Dimensions: W1140 x H850 x D450 Description: 2 doors, 2 height-adjustable shelves and 1 drawer

Buffet Directoire BF524

Dimensions: W1830 x H760 x D470 Description: 2 doors, 2 height-adjustable shelves, 3 drawers

Buffet Directoire BF525

Dimensions: W1950 x H1000 x D530 Description: 2 doors, 2 height-adjustable shelves, 2 drawers

Buffet Encoignure BF522

Dimensions: W950 x H1750 x D600 Description: 2 doors and 4 shelves

Буфет Exlusive BF518e

Розміри: W1600 x H950 x D450 Опис: 2 двері, 1 шухляда і 2 регульовані по висоті полиці

Buffet Louis XV BF516

Dimensions: W1600 x H2275 x D500 Description: Double-body bent Upper case: 2 doors and 2 height-adjustable shelves Bottom case: 2 doors, 1 height-adjustable shelf and one drawer Color: White Patinated

Буфет Людовик XV BF517

Розміри: W1420 x H850 x D630 Опис: 2 двері і 1 регульована висота полиці

Buffet Louis XV BF529

Dimensions: W1200 x H880 x D560 Description: 2 doors, 1 height adjustable shelf

Cupboard Medallion BF531

Dimensions: W1900 x H950 x D460 Description: 2 drawers, 2 shelves Fittings: Handles for drawers 5 pcs, lock with a key to the doors 2 pcs, lining on the facade 1 pc, lining "ring large" on the side surface 2 pcs, decorative pads on keyholes 2 pcs

Buffets in the old style of the past eras of France, which are designed to bring comfort and inspiration to the house. Beautiful curves of the facades, richly decorated with bronze fittings and soft coating of natural wood with a slight touch of antiques. Such an interior item will be the highlight of any home.

In the bedroom – for storing bed linen, in the office – for work papers and documents or in the dining room – for dishes, such an element of furniture is indispensable and especially functional. Adjustable and retractable shelves, roomy drawers, such a variety of designs of our buffets allow you to profitably hide everything you need.

No less important is the fact that the buffets are made exclusively of natural wood, and environmentally friendly materials are used in the finishing treatment. Safe furniture that will last for decades and will be inherited.