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Cabinet AR1179


Shelf VSM 032

W700 x H2100 x D350

Wardrobe AR1178

W1100 X H2200 X D500

Wardrobe AR1173

Dimensions: W2100 x H2200 x D5200 Description: 2 doors

Wardrobe AR1852

Dimensions: W1320 x H2200 x D570 Description: 2 doors

Wardrobe Empire AR1176

Dimensions: W1400 x H2600 x D600 Description: 4 doors

Wardrobe Louis XVi AR1172

Dimensions: W1600 x H2200 x D500 Description: 2 doors and 2 drawers

Wardrobe Marly AR382

Dimensions: W1700 x H2120 x D560 Description: 2 doors Color: Without painting, can choose.

Wardrobe Regence AR1175

Dimensions: W1500 x H2000 x D600 Description: 2 doors and 2 drawers Left side: 1 hanger rod Right side: 4 height-adjustable shelves

Cabinet Regence AR390

Dimensions: W850 x H2000 x D550 Description: 1 door

“Who was at least one day king or queen in Narnia,
Forever remains here a queen or a king.”
Clive Staples Lewis, “The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe”

Massive old doors made of noble wood with a calm aristocracy protect the chronicle of the family nobility. Each crack, scuff and handmade patterned element has its own story.

What adventures await us behind the sashes of an antique wardrobe? It is worth tiptoeing to a wooden door with an ivory border, carefully pulling on a heavy round handle with pollen gilding – and now we are called to the ball. A lush dress with lace and an elegant corset is asked to waltz among the guests of the honorary dinner in honor of the capture of French Flanders. Long live king Sunshine! The state is Louis XIV.

Curious what is hidden in the elegant low-key armoir of the Regency style? The tranquil reliability of the once armory keeper is reminiscent of the main values in peacetime: durability and stable prosperity. Bronze fittings and wooden nails speak of respect for the centuries-old traditions of the French masters of the manufacture Yves Fouquet.

And here’s a wooden cabinet from the Enlightenment. Hand carvings of the façade adorn the secret knowledge stored on the shelves in manuscripts and behind the spine of old small-circulation books. Perhaps these ideas will be discussed by philosophers and writers invited to the literary salon today. Comfort and quality are fundamentally important for our masters, so each cabinet is made with scrupulous consideration of the interior and the functioning of the living space of the owners.

Greek ease and grace can be seen in the cabinets of the Louis XVI series. Natural shades, pastoral plots in patterned compositions give lightness and playful femininity to vintage furniture of the style of this era. So I want to get out of the bowels of the closet a light summer suit and slowly walk with a cane in the garden, it is important to correct the pince-nez and fully inhale the sweet-intoxicating aroma of acacia.

There was no trace of the former airiness with the advent of the Napoleonic era, compensating for the small growth with large-scale ambitions. The world contrasts with him. Culture and art reflect social moods, and the Empire style is an attempt to escape to pious Antiquity, a desire for ideals, including the romanticization of the greatness of the emperor. Idealization is clearly traced in the design of furniture of this era: straight lines, the contrast of cold bronze and warm solid wood. Notes of Greco-Roman antiquity among the strict leitmotif of Empire-style cabinets slip into decorative elements: hidden in the heads of rams and lions, intertwined among laurel branches and vines. This gives the style eclecticism and adaptability to the interiors of a wide range of styles.

Wardrobe is an important part of the elite interior. It carefully preserves the image of your everyday life and the mood of festive outfits. The choice of a premium wooden cabinet should be approached responsibly, and we will be happy to help by providing professional advice and design selection of furniture from the catalog. In addition, we can order the manufacture of elite furniture according to individual design and drawings.

All cabinets of Ukrainian-French production of Yves Fouquet are made of solid cherry and beech wood, with hand carvings and French accessories made of bronze and brass. At the heart of our values is authenticity and reliability. Using unique old French manufacturing technologies, we accurately represent high-quality furniture of different eras of the European elite.