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A large console in the style of Louis XV

Available without painting. Material: Wood - beech Dimensions: W1450 x H850 x D550

Console Medallion CS091

W1080 x H910 x D405

Console Bar CSB001

Dimensions:1500 x 1100 x 480 Description: double-sided, 3 doors, shelf for groceries, 4 shelves for wine, 2 drawers

Chest of drawers-console demi-lune Empire CM123

Dimensions: W1000 x H900 x D450 Description: bent with thread, 2 retractable drawers

Console cannelures CS089

Dimensions: W1280 x H880 x D460 Description: 1 drawer and two doors on the sides

Directoireya Console CS081

Dimensions: W1480 x H800 x D400 Description: 3 drawers

Empire Console CS087

Dimensions: W1710 x H800 x D450 Description: 1 drawer and 1 open shelf

Grande cannelures console CS084

Dimensions: W1470 x H790 x D490 Description: 1 drawer

Console Louis XV CS090

Dimensions: W1800 X H 900 x 450 Description: 1 drawer and 2 retractable boards

Console Louis XVII CS086

Dimensions: W1055 x H850 x D300 Description: 2 drawers and 1 open shelf Available: in gray and without painting;

Console Provencale CS083

Dimensions: W1400 x H850 x D450 Description: 1 drawer and 1 open shelf

Regence Console CS082

Dimensions: W1550 x H780 x D450 Description: 2 drawers Color: Red Ruby

Regence Console CS082

Dimensions: W1550 x H780 x D450 Description: 2 drawers Color: Red Ruby

Small Console CS085

Dimensions: W1200 x H870 x D340 Description: 1 drawer

CHE02PIN fireplace front

Dimensions: W1200 x W 1000 x D200 Description: solid pine, on request from solid cherry Color: grey

Entering the house or apartment, we invariably look around: not only and not so much for the purpose of orientation, but also, in order to get the first impression, to make an approximate portrait when getting acquainted with the owner’s abode. What kind of greeting will that be? Light and light, with a violet aroma? Or, perhaps, mysteriously gloomy, beckoning with the lights of candles in a gilded candelabra on a console table in the hallway?

The console is not the most popular type of furniture. Although its merits are needlessly underestimated. Despite the seeming uselessness and impracticality, this element plays a difficult and significant role in the interior: to attract attention and be invisible at the same time. Usually, a decorative table is placed against the wall in the hallway or hall – a place where in the evenings a large noisy family gathers to discuss a busy day or guests invited to dinner dear to the heart are accommodated. In addition to decoration, this sophisticated doe can be very functional: as a universal stand for elements of interior decor (dried flowers, figurines, vases with fresh flowers, live plants and succulents), and a small dressing table for prettification before going to the evening promenade.

The console, as a rule, is selected with a focus on the functions performed: storing things, decorating space, or using it as a stand for beautiful family heirlooms. There are a great many variations of designs: strict rectangular countertops with supports on elegant legs or massive columns, transformers-tables with drawers and patterned decor with hand-carved antique graceful elements, mosaics or bronze details, and even proud fireplace facades made of solid pine with ivory trim for cozy winter evenings under a soft blanket, alone with a fascinating book or a soulful friend.

The console can be both a self-sufficient element, and play in a duet with a mirror, sitting in a room, for creativity over a new image, or in synergy with an ottoman, serve the owner as a compact working corner in the living room, where you can change the office environment without distracting from work processes. Among other things, the console is quite mobile and as heavy as the dining table, therefore, if it is available, you can easily afford family fruit breakfasts in the summer garden among the greenery and birds serenade you.

Our Ukrainian-French production Yves Fouquet reproduces to the smallest detail the authentic furniture of styles of different eras from the Regency with its classic antique forms and smooth curves to the majestic and rectilinear Empire. Our experienced craftsmen make furniture from high-quality solid wood, completely by hand, using wooden nails and wood-sharp jewelry detailing. Here you can choose your favorite console from the catalog, change the color, add decorative or functional elements, and even make furniture according to your own taste preferences, sketches and drawings.

In addition, we provide the opportunity to visit the showroom to personally and tactilely verify the quality and sophistication of our products.